To Be Me... A web series

In November of 2018,  we received an email from Amanda Dash. She wanted to know if PRISM would be interested in being a part of a project that she was working on and very passionate about. After talking with Amanda we absolutely knew that this was something that we needed to be a part of! 

About "To Be Me"

To Be Me... is a queer web series that centers on transgender and non-binary identity. The story is about an African American who grew up in a very conservative, religious community. They come home to their father, played by Emmy award-winner Kim Estes, after four years and realize it’s time for them to share who they are with their friends and family. Introducing actor Kate Rose Wilburn, a non binary trans female, the story focuses on the struggle they are having with their gender identity and the beauty of defiance and how love can deepen relationships of all types. Navigating the complexities of gender can cause rage and resistance, but with support, one can find hope and fulfillment in places they may not have realized.

A release date is tenitively set for April 2019!

You can follow the story at


Instagram @tobemewebseries


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