Our group currently meets once to twice per month. Usually our meetings are on a weekend evening but can change depending on the availability of everyone. 


Our monthly meet up is where we gather together at our office that is located inside of Central Outreach Aliquippa's facility.

We get together to discuss anything that our youth members have on their minds. We also discuss future meetings, events, and outings that everyone may be interested in participating in. 

Our second meet up usually consists of an outing out in the community. We have attended movies, mini golf, participated in Pittsburgh Pride, as well as attended other meetings and events in our community. 

We truly believe in our mission and strive to be a safe place for the LGBTQ+ youth and their allies in our community. 

Check out our Facebook page for our latest events!

Need help forming a GSA in your school?

We believe that having a Gay Straight Alliance in every high school is crucial to allowing our youth to truly embrace who they are as well as educating all youth on the importance of acceptance.


If your school is interested in forming a GSA, contact us and we will be more than happy to help assist you!  

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